1:1 Private VIP Coaching

1:1 VIP Coaching Experience

12 weeks 1:1 with me

As your life coach and confidence coach, I will help you redefine who you are and create the roadmap to your success. This program includes weekly Zooms and unlimited support between sessions.

In 12 weeks, I will teach you how to build your confidence, shift your mindset to earn more money, transform limiting beliefs, and overcome self-doubt. You will become a powerhouse in both your personal and professional life.

  • Unlock Your Inner Power: Shift your mindset to build your confidence and be more present in your everyday life for yourself and those around you.
  • Empower Your Choices: Whether you’re a dedicated working mom, a passionate stay-at-home mom, or high-achieving woman craving more confidence, this 1:1 experience is your springboard to taking control of your life.
  • Fearless: Say goodbye to limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and fear of judgement from others as you emerge stronger than ever.
  • Love Your Journey: Learn how to balance your desires with your responsibilities, creating a harmonious life that brings joy to both you and your loved ones.

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  • Master Your Mindset: Overcome limiting beliefs that has hindered your progress, and develop a mindset geared for success.
  • Take Courageous Action: Step out of your comfort zone with conviction, as you gradually learn to face challenges head-on.
  • Receive Expert Insight: Benefit from my wisdom; a seasoned professional who understands the unique struggles of women like you.


1:1  Private VIP Coaching
12 weeks for $5997

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Tina Wu

Mrs. Manhattan 2021
New Jersey’s Perfect Miss 2010
Wife & Mother of 2 
“I am very thankful to have Shiemicka as my coach since 2008. She has been my inspiration both in pageants and in life. Every session we have, I find that I become a better version of myself. Shiemicka brings the best out of me and has built confidence in me in all aspects of my life. She is passionate about her girls and will always go above and beyond to help us accomplish our dreams. ”