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Here’s what clients are saying about it:

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“Shiemicka has a gift of knowing exactly what you need to elevate yourself to the next level. I’m still not certain if its magic or intuition.”

Nia W.

Mom of 1

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“Shiemicka guides you to your goals. I am beyond grateful for my Coach! If your serious about your dream… you need someone serious about helping you get there. You will have success with Shiemicka, simply believe and do the work!”

Sable A

Mom of 2, Salon Owner & National Pageant Owner

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“Where do I begin? The inspiration, guidance, life lessons, above all, confidence That you have given to my daughter Kaiya is more than I can put into words and the greatest gift you could have given her”

Jolie B.

Mom of 2

Access the FREE Case Study Here >>>


Shiemicka is an expert on confidence. Building confidence in women is important to her because confidence solves a lot of personal issues that one has within themselves. Confidence allows a person to dream big and not let fear stand in the way.

She helps women identify limiting beliefs and overcome the challenges holding us back from being the best versions of ourselves and being able to stand in our power and set boundaries. Shiemicka helps clients re-imagine their life, achieve their goals, and elevate themselves to a new level.

Shiemicka believes that when a woman gains her confidence back, she becomes empowered. She will have happier relationships, a more satisfying career, and a healthier lifestyle. A confident woman is more inclined to stretch her abilities and set boundaries. A confident woman becomes less focused on herself and comparing herself to others and more on being authentic and accepting her weaknesses.

Access the FREE Case Study Here >>>


The results are not typical for everyone. The results you receive are fully based on your commitment, dedication, and the actions that you take.
This program is intended for the women who wants to build her confidence to make her dreams come true. This will require COMMITMENT, CONSISTENCY and the ability to STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. If you are not ready to achieve your goals and step into your next level self, I advise that you pass on this training.